Nelleke de Noo.

Visual artist

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Born in the same town as Jhieronymus Bosch, the Dutch artist Nelleke de Noo began her career as a painter-decorator artist with all technical and artistic skills this requires, including her passion for her creative craftsmanship profession, before she began creating her own works of art
For this exhibition, Inspired by Jhieronymus Bosch, considered by many to be "the inventor of monsters and chimeras", she presents four of her own chimeras, creatures that appear to be half-human, half-tree or stone-like, similar to Bosch's series of paintings portraying hell monsters, emerging out of the darkness. 

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Her work :
Nelleke de Noo : Tree Creature 2 Nelleke de Noo : Tree Creature 4 Nelleke de Noo : Stone Creature 1 Nelleke de Noo : Stone Creature 3
Photos : ©Nelleke de Noo